Are you real?

People don’t care about each other anymore.

Did you notice?

Did you notice how no one actually checks up on you, how everyone hides behind the internet?

Fakebook and iDon’tMessage feel like a cheapskate move to “stay in contact.” Nobody stays in contact anymore. People who were once friends, once faces you saw in real life, have become little bubbles at the top of a screen and are about as long-lasting as soap bubbles.

Humans are disposable and irrelevant. That’s what the world is telling us right now. Between abortions, vaccine mandates, genital mutilation surgeries, ghosting, cancelling, doxing, bullying, harassment, divorce, child abandonment, and completely broken-beyond-repair families, it’s pretty clear that there are very few humans left on earth who actually care about other humans. 

Parents neglect, abuse, and gaslight their children. Siblings do much of the same. Old friends ghost. Employers and employees exploit and manipulate. Near-strangers are aggressive. Neighbors ignore you. Crime, misery, and suicide skyrocket…does it all seem connected yet?

People are confused by mass shootings, suicides, and all the various forms of mental deterioration. Somewhere deep, deep down – far beyond the capacity of their small minds – they are not confused. They are in denial – denial of their own complicity in bringing about this collective psychosis. There is an extreme cognitive dissonance occurring here which is only feeding the fire. 

“Why, oh why?” they cry, wringing their hands. “Let’s take away the guns! That’ll solve our problems. Let’s fix the inequalities! That’ll solve everything.”

If only they would look in the mirror. If only everyone would. If only we would all recognize our complicity, our critical lack of human qualities. Our frivolousness, our disposal of humans as if these humans, who have intrinsic value, were nothing more than the muck wiped off our shoes. 

We live in a decrepit society, one in which inanimate objects have more worth than our fellow humans, one in which we are terrified of real human connection. We are so terrified that, by and large, many of us prefer to keep our masks on, hiding our faces, becoming an unrecognizable blip on the radar to those around us. We lack a fundamental understanding of the value of life, of human life. We lack understanding of our own value, which is why so many people are fine covering their faces and becoming faceless automatons. We’ve lost the meaning of value, in any and every sense of the word, since our values are nonexistent and we have been reduced to nothing more than quivering amoebas, in permanent survival mode because we have no idea what living means. 

It is all connected. All of it: from the beginning to the end. The false – and now irrelevant and obsolete – cries of tolerance. The push for more and more evil to enter this world freely, so it would do as it pleases. The nihilism, the emptiness, the meaninglessness. The loneliness, the suicide, the isolation. 

There are few real humans left. Everyone is too busy pointing their fingers, seeking an aggressor, playing the victim, insulting, attacking, dehumanizing – all on the fast track to homicide, to genocide. That’s the road we’re on. Do you see it now? Do you know exactly who will be sending you to those cattle cars, who will be waving gleefully at you as you are shunted off for the camps? I know who will. I see them right now. They are coming out of the woodwork – and they do not hide their derangement. These people will never wake up; they are forever stuck in this vortex. And this vortex will destroy us all.  

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