Dear leaders,

It’s been nearly two weeks since this current mess began, and these disgusting attacks never fail to leave lasting damage on people, both physically and emotionally. I should clarify: only the people who are directly involved or emotionally invested in the future of the State of Israel seem to take issue with what’s going on. The outside world remains silent, only to pipe up with cries of, “Palestinians dead after air strike” and “Palestinian teen shot dead by IDF.” This is not a surprising reaction, given the current popular opinion of Israel. Yet it is infuriating to think that much of the world is in blatant denial of the facts.

There are too many who, even in the face of reality, continue unabashedly condemning Israel for its “aggression” and “failure” to achieve peace. So why on earth are the leaders of Israel still desperately trying to please the arrogant fools of the world? It makes no difference whether we lie down and freely allow the terrorists to murder us, or stand up and destroy them. To the world, we are occupying the land, stealing from our Arab neighbors, murdering innocent Palestinians. So I ask you, leaders of Israel, especially Netanyahu: Why do you let the world’s opinion of us dictate how we act?

Israel was created as a Jewish state, a haven for any and all Jews who wished to be free of persecution, for Jews who wished to finally live out the centuries-long wish of living in the Promised Land. And here we have been under attack – in our own land. No matter what some members of the population might think, we are not America. We do not separate church (or synagogue) and state. We are a Jewish State. And as such we have the obligation to the Jewish people of the State of Israel. Yes, our faith is a very humanitarian one. Yes, we do not want to neglect the other non-Jewish members of this state. But the safety of the Jewish people is, or rather should be, the foremost priority of Israel.

When Israeli Arabs live among us, work with us, and learn with us – and then turn around to kill us – mere prevention of each individual crime is not enough. As I rode the light rail yesterday toward Pisgat Ze’ev, worrying about any possible attacks and watching the Arab towns pass by, it occurred to me that Israeli Arabs are the safest people in this country. They can walk about freely without a care in the world, in both Arab and Israeli cities. Of course, Jews do sometimes attack Arabs – but rarely. And here we Israelis have to look anxiously over our shoulders constantly, wondering if we’re going to be stabbed or shot at in our own neighborhoods. How is that fair in a country which is supposed to be the haven for the Jewish people? The answer is that it’s not, and it’s time to do more than mere defense.

So what am I asking the leaders of Israel to do? Fulfill the original purpose of Israel’s creation, both the modern state and the ancient land. Stop rolling over and playing the diplomat. Though deluded so-called “progressives” will have you believe that the world operates on negotiations and peace talks, history, if nothing else, has been a clear indicator that the real world makes progress through (often harsh) action. I am trying to speak the truth in a world where truth is no longer respected nor grasped, and despite the cries of many – even Jews – that we can’t discriminate or react too strongly, I say unequivocally that we must react strongly. We must respond with an enormous display of strength and show these terrorists that we would rather die fighting than accept their reign of terror.

Our justice system needs to put the fear of God into them. Smear pig fat on the terrorists’ bodies. Hang them publicly in their hometowns for their brethren to see – and have a female executioner. Make them understand that no, we will not allow our citizens to be ravaged by their evil. If they want to continue living and prospering in our land, then these are our terms. Otherwise, they can live under the Palestinian Authority, where they will be used, abused, and forgotten.

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