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The great secret – the key to everything – is love. Our ability to love is evidence for God’s existence. Without God, there is no love. And in fact, we are taught by the wisdom of our ancestors that God created us because He loved us. When Genesis says that we are created “in His… Continue reading Love

A Taste of Israel

How does one begin to recount all the memories of a place? How can I relate to you the smells of Machane Yehuda, the spices intermingling with the freshly baked loaves of bread, the vague odor of sweat and fish all merging with the cacophony of voices? The shouts of “Banana, banana, banana!” Can I… Continue reading A Taste of Israel

Ode to Jerusalem

This pulsing city, with its stone ramparts and golden sunrise, seems to emanate its own unique energy. The soul of Jerusalem, that city of fire, breathes new life into us and revitalizes the spirit. The aura here is one of mounting tension, of the best and worst varieties. This is the center of the universe,… Continue reading Ode to Jerusalem

Day of Judgment

Tomorrow is Rosh Hashannah, the New Year for Jews all around the world. Rosh Hashannah is not only the Jewish New Year: it is also more accurately known as the Day of Judgment, or Yom HaDin. Are you ready for judgment? Is anyone ready? The frenzy of the world has reached a deafening speed. The… Continue reading Day of Judgment

We Have a Job to Do

Originally featured on The Jewish Press. Imagine a nation. A magnificent nation, with a breathtaking land and military might. But this is not what made it magnificent. This nation shone G-d’s light to the world. It had a divine mission. It was holy! This nation, though, slowly lost sight of its mission and was banished… Continue reading We Have a Job to Do

The Wedding

Originally featured on Arutz Sheva. On the eighth night of Hannukah, several weeks ago, I married my dear wife, Hinda Leah. The following week, we were hosted at multiple homes in celebration of our wedding. At our last Sheva Brachot, Rabbi Raleigh Resnick, the shliach of the Chabad of the Tri Valley, explained a profound… Continue reading The Wedding

Our Inheritance

Originally featured on Arutz Sheva. “Jews have no future in the United States.” I’ve heard this phrase plenty of times. It is true, no doubt. Yet one must analyze thoroughly why this is so. Persecution, economic hardship, lack of Jewish life? Yes and no; it’s deeper than that. The simple answer is this: we weren’t… Continue reading Our Inheritance