Ode to Jerusalem

This pulsing city, with its stone ramparts and golden sunrise, seems to emanate its own unique energy.

The soul of Jerusalem, that city of fire, breathes new life into us and revitalizes the spirit. The aura here is one of mounting tension, of the best and worst varieties. This is the center of the universe, where opposites converge and reconcile, where the two spiritual poles meet in a clashing union, with all the friction and animation of tectonic plates rubbing against each other.

Jerusalem, a world unto itself, a microcosm of mankind at large, where supernal forces remain locked in battle as they have since the beginning of the post-Tree of Knowledge earth.

Jerusalem, a light upon the mountains, the resting place of the glory of God, the one and only Zion.

Our city, which is the delight of God Himself, shines with the intensity of the sun. The ancient stones, worn smooth with time, refined and wise, await their higher purpose. We wait with them, longing for our rectification and our reconciliation. Our desire for redemption gnaws at our souls.

Redemption, that seemingly elusive culmination of everything, peers around the corner. Its voice is a resounding cry into the wilderness, the warning call of the Shofar.

Redemption, our return to the Garden of Eden, will render this world a distant memory.

And when we return, we will be like dreamers.

A song of ascents. When return will the Lord the captivity of Zion, we will be like dreamers.

Then our mouths will be filled with laughter and our tongues with glad song; then they will say among the nations, “The Lord has done great things with these.”

The Lord has done great things with us; we were happy.

Return, O Lord, our captivity like springs in the desert.

Those who sow with tears will reap with song.

He will go along weeping, carrying the valuable seeds; he will come back with song, carrying his sheaves.

Psalm 126

1 thought on “Ode to Jerusalem”

  1. Your heart and your love for Jerusalem come shining through. May you prosper because of your love for God’s chosen city! (Psalm 122:6)


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