How do we stop Anti-Semitism?

There is a Facebook page called “Stop Anti-Semitism.” It is one of many pages which track anti-Semitic incidents across the globe with the goal to obliterate anti-Semitism. I am appreciative of organizations such as these, since I believe it is important to stay abreast of the trends and be aware of what is happening. But… Continue reading How do we stop Anti-Semitism?

#JewishPrivilege – Are We Playing the Wrong Game?

Originally published on Jewish Press. “Privilege.” “Social justice.” “Oppression.” If you’ve been paying any attention to Jewish Twitter lately, you’ll see many Jews across the world getting up in arms about the claim that Jews have special privilege. Firing back quick responses, the Jews of Twitter rallied around the hashtag, #JewishPrivilege, but instead turned it… Continue reading #JewishPrivilege – Are We Playing the Wrong Game?

Why are we still in exile?

Why are we still in exile? In general, the casual divisiveness we’ve witnessed in today’s society has led to an increased oversimplification of reality, when the reality is not so black and white. True, there are certain maxims which merit a touch of black-and-whiteness; murder is evil. Stealing is evil. But when it comes to… Continue reading Why are we still in exile?