Coronavirus: The King is Coming

Hashem spoke to Moses, saying: ‘When you take a census of the Children of Israel according to their numbers, every man shall give Hashem an atonement for his soul when counting them, so that there will not be a plague among them when counting them…Exodus 30:11-12 Last Friday, in honor of Shabbat, I read the… Continue reading Coronavirus: The King is Coming

Why Nobody Likes the Jew

Originally featured on The Jewish Press. Why do people hate us? What is it about us they despise? We are leaders; we are at the forefront of scientific research, medicine, and mathematics. We are producers and directors of major films. We are prolific writers, thinkers, and artists.  How is it that a people so small… Continue reading Why Nobody Likes the Jew

We are not Jews without G-d

Originally featured on Arutz Sheva. Several months ago, in the wake of the attack on Chabad of Poway, I watched an outpouring of support from different communities, and my fellow Jews taking a strong stand against anti-Semitism with statements like “This won’t stop us” and “They won’t beat us.” While powerful statements like these can… Continue reading We are not Jews without G-d

What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

Originally featured on Arutz Sheva. What would you do if you knew that you could not fail? Most people would come up with extravagant responses like, “I would open up my own business,” “I would find the cure for cancer”, etc. However, most of us don’t pursue these dreams. Why? We are scared of failure.… Continue reading What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

The Dance of Life

Originally featured on Arutz Sheva. Sometimes, it’s the times in life when we are most uninspired that we must force ourselves to do whatever it is that is so daunting a task. For me, writing often requires inspiration. There are times when I am struck by the lightning bolt of inspiration, and the Divine force… Continue reading The Dance of Life