Midnight Musings

Originally featured on Vision Magazine. There are always a million thoughts and feelings swimming around the eternal perimeter of my mind. In the background, the sound of the nostalgic Friday night song, Shalom Aleichem. Floating on the periphery, the sundry details of the day that I mull over in my head, the tasks I must accomplish. At… Continue reading Midnight Musings

“Next year in Jerusalem.”

Originally featured on Arutz Sheva. I used to say that automatically, without much thought. Sure, I had been dreaming of Israel since childhood, but the concept of living in Israel was still a nebulous thought, a reality that seemed far removed from this bastion of Western Civilization, the United States. Fast forward to Pesach of… Continue reading “Next year in Jerusalem.”


We must start over every day, and sometimes many times each day. Rabbi Nachman of Breslov Chanukah, which comes from the Hebrew word for “dedication,” is a beautiful holiday of lights. During winter, the darkest time of the year, we light up the nights in remembrance of days long ago. Chanukah was a time of… Continue reading Rededication