Nadav and Avihu: The Importance of Precision

In this week's Torah portion we read about Nadav and Avihu, Aaron's sons, who were Kohanim. We learn that they offer a "strange fire" to Hashem in the Mishkan (the tabernacle) and as a result they perish. Imagine that for a second; Aaron's sons perished for providing a slightly altered offering to Hashem. Nowadays people… Continue reading Nadav and Avihu: The Importance of Precision

The “Jewish” State Is No Longer Jewish

Now featured on America's Frontline Doctors. Let’s face it, the State of Israel is not what we thought it was. This is now a place where you can be turned away because you haven’t submitted yourself to an experiment in the past 6 months. (But as long as you're part of a beauty pageant, you… Continue reading The “Jewish” State Is No Longer Jewish