Another terrorist attack

Can we stop pretending this is normal? That it’s normal to walk with our enemies among us? 

I think many Israelis simultaneously feel the threat and ignore it. We are, after all, surrounded by Arabs on a daily basis. They are working at our local makolet. They are constructing our houses. They are learning with us in school and working with us.

Facing the threat head-on would mean that decisive action needs to be taken. Of course, complete avoidance of the terrorism is impossible. So we rationalize it, we theorize, and we attempt to “make peace” and understand the other side, when it is clear that the other side laughs at us and enjoys our philosophizing and politicizing, because it continues to give them the space they need to commit their horrific acts. Our solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict is to ignore it and constantly whine, “But we let them work! We let them into schools! We give them good lives!”

Or, worse, we pretend that these are only the actions of a few deranged individuals among the Arab population and not the result of a poisoned, brainwashed culture which, by and large, supports the terrorist acts of the “few.” With a handful of exceptions, Arabs believe that we are occupiers and that they must fight and win. Allowing them to work and learn alongside us does not diminish this idea; they simply take advantage of the opportunities given and spread their hatred even further.

Or, even worse than that, we believe that we must give up land for peace and take apart settlements to appease the enemy. They will not be appeased. They will not rest until they have the entire Land of Israel and all their Jewish occupiers are cleared out.

We can’t live with two million Arabs (and counting) when they believe we are on their land and they will one day take over it. As they say, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!” This is what they believe. They do not hide it. We should start listening to what they’re saying and stop pretending we can fix this by giving them presents.

Let’s stop playing Russian roulette with our children’s lives, with our friends’ lives, with our lives. This is not a game we want to play. Not long ago, the very notion of allowing an enemy population to live among you would have been completely unheard of. The idea is patently absurd. We are not better or wiser than our ancestors for pontificating about the values of peace and love while our family is being murdered in cold blood by an obvious enemy. In fact, we are far more stupid and primitive since we excuse such behavior and allow our loved ones to perish on the altar of our political correctness and our inability to face reality. People whose very culture is poisoned, who educate and train their children to hate and to kill, cannot be allowed to live in our Land. 

Let’s stop pretending these terrorist attacks are shocking. They are not shocking. This is exactly what we are bringing upon ourselves by continuing to delude ourselves and our children that we can make a way for peace and live with each other. A terrorist attack is not a car accident, and it is not an act of God; it is the disgusting, evil act of an amoral people who should not be given seats in the Knesset, who should not be given a platform upon which to speak, who should not be given money or houses or any bit of a place among us, with very few exceptions. They have proven themselves to be unworthy of our insane, illogical kindness, which is, in truth, not kindness at all, but a warped and twisted evil which masquerades as kindness. Kindness to evil is not kindness. It is false. It is a lie. It is, in fact, suicidal. If you brought strangers into your family’s house and they started killing your family members, is it a kindness to let them stay? To let them proliferate? To let them enjoy the fruits of our labor? To let them dictate terms, vote in and win elections, and cry to the neighbors that we are mistreating them?

This is totally backwards. This is completely insane. We are a laughingstock to Arabs – they are more cunning than we are, and they tap into our weaknesses. They know who their enemy is. But we don’t.

If Israelis don’t wake up fast to the complete and utter falseness of this current reality, the Arabs will take over (they already are by population), and Jews will be their slaves, if any are left.

Kahane was right. It’s time we started to recognize it. 

Image credit: Times of Israel

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