The “Jewish” State Is No Longer Jewish

Now featured on America’s Frontline Doctors.

Let’s face it, the State of Israel is not what we thought it was.

This is now a place where you can be turned away because you haven’t submitted yourself to an experiment in the past 6 months. (But as long as you’re part of a beauty pageant, you can come in!)

You can no longer expect to enter just because you’re Jewish. No, you first and foremost must be a slave.

Is this the State we call a haven?

It is our land, but it is no longer our government. And perhaps it never really was.

This is a cage of our own making. In the name of safety, we gave up every single right, freedom, and dignity we had. In the name of the government, the army, the protection (and pitiable protection at that), we gave up everything. 

We were ghetto Jews fresh out of a ghetto. We just turned around and built ourselves another ghetto. Only this time, we appointed our leaders, our kapos. We believed, for some silly and foolish reason, that if we gave up all our rights, these kapos would protect us.

Have they?

Go down an endless list of attacks, attempted attacks, and wars, and you’ll find an endless list of Israeli higher-ups calling the shots. Or rather, not calling the shots. Preferring to neuter their soldiers and play the PR game. Smiling and shaking hands with Europeans whose grandparents put our grandparents in ovens and who would happily repeat the process if given the chance.

Let’s go down some items on this list.

Gaza fires endlessly at citizens and doesn’t face even the slightest threat of total obliteration, which the IDF could perfectly well do. 

Endless years of terror and trauma have been inflicted upon Israel’s citizens due to capitulation and kowtowing to Arab and Western interests. 

The Israeli government runs around, too busy trying to reason with the press and blathering on about self-defense to media outlets who twist their words anyway, instead of ignoring the inevitable, ancient hatred, and standing up for our people.

Gush Katif – where our own soldiers were commanded to kick out their fellow Jews from their homes and give the land to murderous Arabs who terrorize us to this day. A violation of Torah, a violation of basic human decency.

I could go on: Arab Knesset members can freely talk about the destruction of the Jewish people and the end of Israel and continue to serve as Knesset members. What a democracy we created! 

Israel treats their terrorist prisoners like royalty, and their own people like scum.

Israeli Jews are given less freedoms and less protections than the Arabs, who laugh at us and laugh at the IDF because they see exactly how weak in spirit and emasculated we have once again so easily become.

Why is it that the Arabs and the rest of the world can see how weak and ineffective we are, but we can’t?

During the riots this past spring, reports came in that police would not show up if Jews were being attacked by Arabs. If, however, one were to call the police and say an Arab was being attacked, the police would come to the Arab’s aid.

In August, Barel Shmueli died because the Israeli government was more interested in protecting their image and the lives of bloodthirsty Arabs than their own people. 

And in another recent, unforgivable affront, we were placed under the microscope of the world as lab rats.

All because some pimps in the government wanted to make their millions and billions.

All because these pimps haven’t an ounce of heart in them and do not care if their brothers and sisters are experimented on in Mengele’s hospital.

Only this time, instead of being carted off against their will by Nazis, the Jews are being groomed by these pimps with their pathetic, miniscule kippot and their pretend piety, who have taken over after a long history of grooming the Jews to be the perfect, self-hating scapegoats. We’ve been conditioned to be weak and ineffective, to look to our government for support, protection, and answers, to avoid looking too deeply into our inner collective conscience and birthright.

We’re too busy trying to defend ourselves to the UN on social media and on TV, a pointless battle, to notice that we are being stabbed in the back by our own kind, sold to the highest bidder. 

Why is it so hard for us Jews to realize we have been trampled on, rejected, bullied, backstabbed, and pimped out by our own government? 

We have plenty of traitors in our history. Just look at the Tanach; it’s chock-full of Jewish traitors, Jewish idolators, Jewish evildoers. Why is it so hard for us to see it?

We were so violated by the other nations that we willingly walked right back into the same kind of trap.

We so longed for a haven, a home after the Holocaust, and consequently we submitted ourselves to more abusers – but much worse this time: abusers among us.

Thus, the masses walked willingly into Mengele’s hospital, conditioned as they were to trust in their abusers. The stuff of nightmares seemed to them a pleasant dream with the promise of freedom.

But this freedom dangles in front of them like a carrot, and each time they think they are reaching it, they are whipped into submission once again and reminded to inject themselves with more and more and more. They must become the slaves of the State. They must submit to their will. It is never-ending.

These pimps and traitors should, like Korach, be swallowed by the earth.

What is the antidote to their poison?

There is only one: it is God.

Instead of submitting ourselves to the State, we must submit to His truth and His justice – and build a land upon the constitution of the Torah, upon the constitution of His will and His expectations of us. 

We, the Jewish people, can no longer ride on the waves of the Holocaust – or any suffering, for that matter – as the reason for establishing a Jewish state.

We, the Jewish people, can no longer look to the abusive State for answers or protection.

And we cannot establish a Jewish state by following in the West’s footsteps with modern, liberal “values.”

We must turn to God for everything we need, and we must turn to the Torah for our guidance and inspiration. 

We must submit ourselves completely to God.

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