We Have a Job to Do

Originally featured on The Jewish Press.

Imagine a nation. A magnificent nation, with a breathtaking land and military might. But this is not what made it magnificent. This nation shone G-d’s light to the world. It had a divine mission. It was holy!

This nation, though, slowly lost sight of its mission and was banished from its land by foreigners. For 2,000 years, it wandered the earth the target of persecution. But this nation persisted until finally it returned to its land.

I am of course referring to the Jewish nation, my nation, our nation. In 1948, a miracle occurred. We came back to our promised land – Eretz Ysrael – and transformed a desert into a beautiful, prosperous state.

Yet, much is missing. There is no Beit HaMikdash, Torah and mitzvotare only peeking through the fabric of daily life, and much of our nation is still in galutContinue reading on The Jewish Press.

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