#JewishPrivilege – Are We Playing the Wrong Game?

Originally published on Jewish Press. “Privilege.” “Social justice.” “Oppression.” If you’ve been paying any attention to Jewish Twitter lately, you’ll see many Jews across the world getting up in arms about the claim that Jews have special privilege. Firing back quick responses, the Jews of Twitter rallied around the hashtag, #JewishPrivilege, but instead turned it… Continue reading #JewishPrivilege – Are We Playing the Wrong Game?

Why Nobody Likes the Jew

Originally featured on The Jewish Press. Why do people hate us? What is it about us they despise? We are leaders; we are at the forefront of scientific research, medicine, and mathematics. We are producers and directors of major films. We are prolific writers, thinkers, and artists.  How is it that a people so small… Continue reading Why Nobody Likes the Jew