What will we remember when we gaze upon the road we have traveled? Will we recall our sins, and shake our head at our own stupidity? Will we weep for joy over the precious moments we have shared with our loved ones?

Will we have lived a full life, or one plagued by insecurities and fear? Can we, at some undefined point in the future, turn our eyes toward this moment here, this moment now, and say to ourselves: I have lived my life with authenticity?

What have we done with the years placed into our hands? Do we make good use of our time, precious as it is – or do we languish and shy away from life?

Will the years be spent as a slave to the whims of society, or will they be free and genuine?

What triumphs or failures must we encounter before we live fully, with our hearts and souls on our sleeves? What amount of disaster must propel us forward before we realize that we should have been progressing all along?

These are all questions we should ask ourselves. The time is now. Though we may not be obligated to complete the work, neither are we free to abandon it (Pirkei Avot). And if not now, when?

Our aim is not to be perfect. Our aim is to take each moment as it comes, and do our best with it. Time is God’s gift to us, the freedom to choose once again to rise from the ashes of our own self-destruction.

But the hourglass is running out of sand, and time is only finite.

And only one question remains.

Are we ready for the infinite?

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