The God Power

This is an excerpt from my new book, Dreams of God. Click here to download the eBook for free for a limited time!

The God Power
Emblazoned on a plane
My mind and my soul
Imprisoned on a train
Military units gather
Prepare for war
Naked and vulnerable
Always wanting more
Trapped by these lies
Wash my holy hands
Truth under the guise
Of dreams so vivid
A tornado erupts
Sky red and livid
Walk the stone streets
Upon shattered glass
Thirteen meets ten
And the first will be last
In the lion’s den
Breaking my chains
Exodus from Egypt
Freed from my pain
Joy in Jerusalem
Storms closing in
Seek that connection
Angel of death
At the site of infection
Raven locked inside
Collapsing in flight
I see the Third Temple
Bathed in gold light
These things given
Treasure unsought
My soul came at a price
But I am forever lost
At the roll of the dice
Taavah for a home
Roads lost and unknown
Dark figures looming
My cup overflowing
Heichal on the brim
No matter what I do
I sin and I sin
Garments aflame
In the courtyard glory
I know what I know
There’s no end to this story

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